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 Заголовок сообщения: Рама Ghost Cagua (27,5" 650B), новая
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Рама Ghost Cagua 6551 E:I (27,5" 650B)

Новая, титановая ось X-12 в комплекте.
(без амортизатора)


Рама: Cagua 650B Actinum DB
Колесо: 27.5" (650B)
Размер рамы: L (19"), ХL (20.5")
Ход подвески: 155мм?
Длина заднего аморта: 216 mm
Крепление аморта: 25мм и 22мм
Рулевой стакан: полуинтегрированный: Std 1.5” - EC49 (верх 49.5мм и низ 49.5мм)
Каретка: PressFit (без резьбовая), BB92 (41mm)
Дропауты: 142mm x 12mm (X-12)
Диаметр подседельной трубы: 31.6мм (35 mm зажим)
Вес: 3,33 кг (без аморта, без оси)




E: I Shock - Set your sag, adjust the rebound, go ride and the bike will do the rest! Open, Medium or Lock, these three modes are set automatically during the ride. Everything works automatically through an intelligent electric system. Two sensors do the job – the first sensor in the bottom bracket measures pedal activity and the second sensor on the fork measures the roughness of the terrain. In less than 0.1 seconds, the system changes the shock setting, and a controller on the handlebars allows you to fixate the mode if desired. The display on the handlebars shows the current shock-mode, but also numerous other functions like distance, temperature and time. During the ride, the E:i Shock does its job, letting you concentrate on the trail, enjoy the marvellous panorama, or chat with your mate!

Four Bar Linkage - Rear-suspension performance used and proven for years by GHOST, the Four Bar Linkage system uses an advanced principle where braking forces dont influence the function of the suspension. Pedal efficiency up the hill and maximum traction down the hill are guaranteed!

Control Cockpit - Wider and shorter are the two keys for greater control. Using wider handlebars and a shorter stem results in the same position for your upper body but a different position for your hands. With your hands positioned more widely you will have more control on the trail.

Geometry Concept - Through years of experience, Ghost have developed a very effective principle that can now be found on all of their mountain bikes. The features are: short chainstays, a slack headtube angle, and a steep seat tube angle. The short chainstays give you manoeuvrability in corners, the slack headtube angle gives the control in the descents and the steep seat tube angle creates the best sitting position for efficient climbing. The magic combination of these three key measurements also results in the best wheelbase length and cockpit length for every frame size. The results is the optimum combination of manoeuvrability, control and propulsion.

Hydroformed Aluminium - The process of hydroforming uses extremely high pressure liquids to form aluminium to the desired shape in a mold. One of the biggest advantages of the hydroforming process is summarized by the word ‘force flow’. This means that – every area of the frame is optimized not only for the best strength and stiffness, but also for the best force flow. In addition to the technical advantages the hydroforming process allows production of the most stunning designs.

27.5 Inch Wheels - The perfect combination of traction, dynamics and control. What seems to be such a small difference is exactly what convinces so many riders,it’s balanced and that’s how it feels.

GQC - Ghost Quality Center - We only accept premium quality. This is why our bicycles and all components are tested according to the latest technology standards. Our test labs enable us to simulate trail and real-world riding in the lab and to fast-forward a bike’s entire life cycle within a few days. We want to make absolutely sure that you are not a part of our test series, but get a bicycle you can trust.

Anti Squat Technology - Clever positioning of the rear triangle pivot points eliminates squatting during pedaling (anti-squat effect) and offers efficient power transmission without unwanted bobbing. Traction is improved and negative forces are eliminated.

X-12 System - Thanks to the X-12 rear-axle standard, it makes sense to use a through-axle system on a wider spectrum of bicycles. The Syntace X-12 system is light and yet super stiff because the hub axle is clamped tightly into the rear triangle under great axial tension.

Postmount Direct - PM Direct’s screwless design and simplified adjustability has become the new standard. Mounting the brake caliper directly onto to the post results in a clean look and optimum heat transfer.

Ghost Custom Setup - Our Full Carbon Monocoque Rocker features a One Piece Design. It also increases rear triangle stiffness and reduces the total weight. Form follows function in the most beautiful way!

Center Of Competence - Development and assembly, test procedures and rides, everything happens under one roof here.

Continuous Cable Housing - The derailleur cables have continuous cable housings. Great long-term shift performance is guaranteed by eliminating any negative effects dirt might cause in the derailleur cables.

Balanced Centre Of Gravity - Due to the low bottom bracket and a central damper position, the center of gravity is central and low. The perfect weight distribution guarantees neutral and balanced handling.

ISCG - The International Standard Chain Guide is a standardized 3-point mounting system to mount chain guides to bottom bracket shells.



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Вело Компоненты: Вилки, Рамы, Переклюки, Системы, Амортизаторы, Тормоза, Покрышки . . .
Тел: 098_6929799, Вайбер: 068_6185502, Телеграм: 068_6185502
Skype: westxqz, онтакте <<

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