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The City of London Police cycle patrol team was first formed on 14th August 2002, making the force the first in the country to have a full-time dedicated cycle patrol team.

Originally, the team consisted of four officers on mountain bikes. However, their success at combating crime, making arrests and working to promote safer road use has lead to the team expanding to one Inspector, two Sergeants and fourteen Constables.

City of London Police have pioneered the effective use of officers on bicycles, with the team, as front line response officers, able to respond rapidly and efficiently within the confines of the busy City. The structure of the team, their equipment, patrol strategy and training methods have been demonstrated to forces in the UK and Europe and their expertise is in considerable demand amongst the growing number of cyclists in the capital who are looking to improve their cycling skills and gain greater knowledge of safer cycling.

Roles and Responsibility

The primary functions of the Cycle Patrol Teams are as follows:
To detect and prevent crime.
To provide a high visibility, rapid response unit.
To supplement divisional resources.
To respond to the needs of the City community.
To provide education and security advice to the cycling community.

Link at the official site

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