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 Заголовок сообщения: Assos falkenZahn Shell size TIR
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Продам Assos falkenZahn Shell size TIR.Замеры полуобхват груди-540мм,длинна перед-600мм.,спина-800мм.В отличном состоянии.Цена 900грн.т.0974585220 WhatsApp 0636145453 Viber. The falkenZahn shell is an oft misunderstood piece in the Assos range. We have found that once a rider understands what it is and its intended purpose, it becomes a valuable staple as a 3 season piece. Once you get a grasp on the falkenZahn's ability and range due to it adaptability, you'll be grabbing for it just about every time you ride. Use it as a layering piece with baselayers, use with combinations of shells and insulated garments or simply wear as a vest. The chameleon-like falkenZahn is a winner in many ways.
Sometimes referred to as a gilet, this thin technical layering vest features a fleece Roubaix front and a Roubaix rear that is perforated for added ventilation. The bottom of the vest has a thinner super-stretch lycra. The idea is to keep the garment as thin and light as possible, so it will take up the least amount of volume when used under a jacket or shell. 3 small pockets with one small zip pocket comes in handy when you're using the falkenZahn as just a vest. In summary, your jackets and shells can be brought down to the next temperature level when combined with this product. It is also small enough to be stowed away if the temp rises. It also doubles as a fantastic fall or spring vest when worn alone. As we have found out, you purchase the falkenZahn for occasional use and end up using it daily. Choose your color.
See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System
Multi season garment
Hybrid layering and base vest
RX front with RX perforated back
Thin and form fitting

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